Sunday, April 24, 2011

Under the Florida sun

The first thing I did when I got onto the beach in Fort Myers was to unfurl my towel on the sand. Well, actually, no, that's wrong. The first thing I did was to look hot as hell walking to beach in my bikini and posh sunglasses. The second thing I did was to unfurl my towel on the sand. But after I unfolded my towel on the sand and sat on it, I felt something hard underneath my rear end. "What's that?" I wondered. I moved the towel and -- guess what? - - there in the sand was a dewyah, an oversized wooden spoon. "Ha-ha," I said to myself out loud, barely able to contain myself, laughing harder and harder and thinking of my mum. Because I knew that in a Bengali household, the real purpose of a deywah is to beat up your kids when they are disobedient. And trust me, I got a lot of those beatings back in the day. Then I thought, "Some Bengali family must have come here on vacation with their bunch of naughty kids and had to carry this weapon with them; otherwise what would it be doing here on the beach? It's not like you can sit here and cook curry with it or something, which no doubt if a Bengali family had the opportunity to do they probably would have." :)

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