Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun in the sun

Well, I've finally gotten over the fear of that Gator who was in my yard a while back, although I still scan the perimeter like the terminator before going to my car, as I don’t want my size 5 foot to get bitten off, even though my size 5 foot obviously wouldn't even be considered a snack for even a newborn gator.

Anyway, I went the pool yesterday and lay in the sun to get roasted; meanwhile thinking of what my mother would have said if she ever caught me doing this: "Bengali girls don't wear those next-to-nothing-things that barely covers their mangs (their coochies) and bake for no reason in the sun when there’s housework to be done.” Bengalis also generally believe that if a girl is not fair in complexion then she's ugly, so that is why we are supposed to avoid the sun, which is good I guess if you don't want the wrinkle / leather skin / skin cancer and all the other good stuff that comes with it. And that is why when I visit Bangladesh, I have to take white face powder and pale foundation for all my cousins and aunties because everybody wants to be light-skinned over there, and they all want their faces to be like the Geisha girls' faces. But it’s funny because once their faces are white their necks and arms don’t match. LOL. So in thinking of all this I didn't stay too long .

When I got home I was feeling a little bit unsettled in my mind and had to do something with myself, so when the baby and hubby took a nap, I snuck out to the mall and got my shopping fix on. And no, I am not a shopaholic. I just had to buy more gifts for my family for when I go back to see them. After all, they DO EXPECT me to bring treasures from America, even though England stuff is better quality. Anyway, it was a nice day and everything ended well.

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