Sunday, April 3, 2011

So I've been shopping for bargains the past two days like a nut-case because I will be going to see my family in England this summer. And trust me, I have the largest family EVER. You know, sometimes I wish my sisters were not so fertile and would keep their legs crossed so I didn't have to shop all day for my 23 nieces and nephews and all my brothers and sisters and son-in-laws and parents. It's bad enough when you have dual citizenship (American and British) because you're known as the AMERICAN of the family and designer wear is expected. Anyway, I love to shop at TJ MAXX, Ross and Marshall's because they have great deals.

You know yesterday I made out like a Bandit on Ralph Lauren Polo T's. I swear they made a mistake on the pricing, but I wasn't going to say anything to them. Hell no, I told myself. Losers weepers, finders keepers is what I say. So I maxed out my credit card. "Well," I  said to myself, "it's almost 9pm. I'll come back tomorrow to clean out the rest." But when I went back today, guess what? all the prices were changed. "Shit," I thought, "someone caught onto it." I guess it was that weired looking cashier because as I was checking out the items he kept saying, "Wow, what a good price! Wow, what a really good price," and all I kept thinking was "Please keep your trap quiet because I don't want the manager to come and raise the prices or something," even though he couldn't because I would have had to really put my foot down, all size 5 of it. LOL.

Well, I was very much disappointed over the whole thing and felt very sad. My gosh, how shopping can have such an impact on a girl! After that, I came home and had a magarita.

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  1. Found your blog on social moms and thought I would check it out. Cannot believe you have that many nieces and nephews. Wow! Anyway, looking forward to reading more. Please follow me back!