Friday, April 1, 2011


It rained all dang day in Tampa yesterday. To say I was waterlogged would be an understatement. The roadways were horrible, my makeup was runny, and the inside of my car got wet every time I opened my car door to get in or out. Being locked in the house or the car all day with a terrible two year old is no picnic, let me tell you. I had such a terrible headache, but that could have been because my two year old hit me over the head with a plastic toy train while we were waiting to pick up an old friend at the airport. :( Anyway, today was a much better day except for the fact I still felt under the weather (all week I've been battling a cold). It took till about six o'clock in the evening for me to get going and get out of the house and get my rear end to the mall to return some items, buy some new items, and try on some other items just for kicks (things that look hot on me of course) :) Yeah, things are beginning to look up. But I still feel like I'm dragging ass.

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