Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yesterday at Publix

So yesterday at the grocery store, my 2 yr old son threw a fit cuz he wanted to ride in the cart that had the little red car attached to it. Of course I gave in to his fits, but how in the world do you push those things? especially when ur 4 foot eleven and a half? er, I mean 5' 1" (Hey, it even says so on my license). Then the manager comes over after seeing me struggle with this giant cart / car thingy and offers to push it for me through the entire store while I shop. So of course I let him, but u know what? I was feeling shity cuz I only had bread and eggs on my list and here's this manager pushing my son from the bread aisle to where the eggs were, just pushing and pushing and saying "It's no problem, maam. We're here to help." Anyway, I started feeling like a cheapo with only bread and eggs in my cart so I ended up buying all this other shit that I didn't need like candy, chips and pop just to make the manager feel as though he was doing something worthwhile.

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