Monday, March 14, 2011

This morning

So this morning my heart's pounding in my chest cuz I'm still reeling from the idea that a gator almost got my 2 yr old. But ya know I have to go to the gym this morning. So after I get ready, I go to the front door, open it a crack and peek through, then push it open all the way, run out, screaming in my mind the whole way to the car, open the car door, throw my kid in the back seat along with my gym bag, slam the door shut, scream, "shit" because I forgot to shut and lock the door to the house, jump out of the back seat to take care of the house door, jump in the back seat agian to buckle my son in, then, without getting outta the car again, crawl from the back seat to the front seat and tear out of the driveway like a banshee and down the road to the gym. Are u kidding me? the mere thought of a giant scaley lizard hiding under my benz and nipping at my toes is freaky!

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