Friday, March 18, 2011

A comment from the Peanut Gallery

One day, as I was purusing the news on Yahoo I believe, I came across a story about a Middle Eastern man who had killed his wife (His wife was an American). From a quick scanning of the story (for some reason I always scan Internet news stories), I gathered that the woman was trying to leave the man because (quite obviously) he had a temper and she had fallen in love with someone else. His best friend I think. Apparently he didn't like her seeing someone else, especially his best friend (or his ex-best friend I should say), so one day, in a fit of rage, he went to where she was staying and killed her (I think he choked her or stabbed her).

To be perfectly honest, the story for some reason didn't shock me. After all, it seems like this sort of thing happens all the time. And I know situations like these are not laughing matters. But as I began to scan the comments section that is usually included below each news story, I came across one that really stood out and, again to be perfectly honest, made me snicker. The complete and unedited comment is below for you viewing.

"Bravo to him. He avoided years of hell, female games, unfaithfulness, and a costly divorce. Marriage should be outlawed if all women are like American women." --from anonymous.

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