Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today I went . . .

To the to gym beat tired. I couldn’t work out so good because I was so beat tired. So I figured that in order to get my energy back I'd go shopping. I shopped for six hours straight. I just couldn’t stop. Before long my stomach started rumbling, and I looked around and saw this little tiny cute baby. I could've eaten that little baby right then and there because I was so hungry. But I knew I had to get my shopping done. I knew that as well as anyone. And it was all worth it too because I got everything for a bargain - - all the clothes for the winter were on sale for like 75 percent off. So I stocked up for next winter. Because a friend of mine once told me, "It’s not how much you make but how much you save."

On the way out I did get some fries at McDonald's. Although, in my defense, I did throw some out so I didn't feel so guilty. I just couldn't resist the smell of those fries, because the McDonald's was right inside the store, at Wal-Mart. And buying them was the only thing I could do to alleviate my craving.

When I got home I cleaned up a little bit, had a cup of tea, and stuffed my face with six cookies. Six chocolate chip cookies. Which ruined all the work I did during my spin class. I dipped them in my tea and thought of my dad, how he always dips his cookies in his tea. And it’s so relaxing, too. It just feels so relaxing. I had a little tiny smile on my face just thinking about my dad dipping his cookies in his tea. It's where me and my sisters get it from. Then I had to run to the toilet. Literally run to the toilet, while squeezing my butt cheeks together, and after I felt five pounds lighter. Relieved and happy as a lark to be five pounds lighter, I proofread some of my book. Part I to be exact, and only had to make two changes. But other than that, it was a relaxing day. Now it’s time to read the new People magazine on the couch, and go to bed.

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