Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pilates with a Bomb

So I'm at the gym in my pilates class full of women and it's almost toward the end of the class. Were doing the rollover, working on our core muscles, with our legs up over our heads, bums in the air. It's not a pretty sight, I tell ya. All of a sudden someone lets out and it's as loud as a bomb going off while, and we're still holding the pose. In that moment of shock, when all time seemingly stood still, I thought, "I hope no one thinks it's me cuz it sure sounded very close." But nobody says anything. The room is pin drop silent. We do a second repetion & guess what? It happens again. Still nobody says anything, and here I am thinking, "Does nobody hear this shit? cuz sombody is litirally SHITTING out loud here." We do the last rep & I'm thinking, "This better not happen again cuz people might be thinking it's me." Well, you know what? it does happen again. So I get up all pissed off and in my non-indoor voice say, "I think we'd better strenthen some other muscle rather than our core muscles as some people in here are shitting themselves."

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