Thursday, June 23, 2011

In praise of Rumana

Hassan Sayed
Checkout this winner. Or should I say Loser times asshole times what the eff was this guy thinking? (for the record, I'm going with the second one).

Meet Hassan Sayed, husband to Rumana Monzur and father of one, a five year old little girl. Apparently, on June 5th, while 33 year old Rumana Monzur was taking leave from her Phd programme in British Colombia, Canada to visit her husband and daughter in Bangladesh, Mr. Sayed (this A-hole in the blue shirt above), came up behind her while she was on the computer, yanked her backwards by the hair, gouged her eyes out with his fingers while she was on the floor, permanently blinding her, and then proceeded (in a manner that would make Hannibal Lector happier than a pig in mud) to bite off her nose -- right in front of their daughter!

"My daughter was busy drawing [at the time]," Mrs. Monzur said. "[and after the incident was over] I fainted."
Rumana Monzur after the attack.

 Doctors say she'll never see again.

After the bloody attack which left Rumana looking as though a bear had just taken a swipe at her, Mr. Sayed fled the scene and was found 9 days later by police at the home of one of his kinsmen. After being arrested and paraded in front of reporters, Mr. Sayed had a few words to say to the public (please note: words within brackets have been paraphrased):

"[She cheated on me with some Iranian guy while she was in Canada]," he said, all macho as though he were John Dillinger after shooting up a police station. "I came to know about it when she returned [to Bangladesh. I told her to stop seeing the guy and deleted him from her Facebook account when she was in the bathroom. Finding him deleted, she got pissed and attacked me]. I lost my glasses and I don't see well, she may have been hurt in the fight."
Been hurt in the fight? WTF?!?! Getting hurt in a fight is when you get a bruise on your leg or a black eye or a tooth knocked out or when you get some red marks all over your body, not when you end up looking like you've just been mauled by a crocodile or like a weedwhacker just went ape shit on your ass . . . er, I mean face, leaving you blinded and without a sniffer and no way to ever see your 5 year old daughter again.

Rumana from her hospital bed.

From her hospital bed, while still in the throes of her agony, she said, "He . . . made my world dark. I can't see my daughter."

Hopefully, if there's any justice in the world and in Bangladesh, Mr. Sayed's punishment will be to spend a day with Mrs. Monju Begum, the woman who, if you remember, cut off her would-be-rapist's penis. :)

Rumana and her daughter before the incident.

To Link the article, click here: Bangladeshi student of British Columbia University left blinded after a brutal attack.


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  2. I know. Hopefully the guy rots in jail.

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  5. Its same everywhere in Indian Subcontinent. Why people say Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are 3 different countries when everything good or bad are all the same? It hurts :(

  6. So horrible. I don't think it has anything to do with a particular country, atrocities like this happen in Europe, America, everywhere. People are good and bad everywhere. Very touching story. All the best.