Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bangladeshi Lorena Bobbit (aka Monju Begum)

Jhalakathi district, south of Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Welcome to Jhalakathi district, which is south of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Home to shanties, local fisherman, and, apparently, a no-nonsense woman with a Crocodile Dundee like knife named Monju Begum.

Monju Begum at an unkown date
Can you believe it? This woman showed up at her local police station one day (at the end of May to be exact) with a man's penis (and no, the man was not with the penis) and said she cut it off when he tried to attack (rape) her. Mr. Mazi, the would be rapist, who denied the charge against him (naturally), was taken to a nearby hosptial for - - wait for it, wait for it - - severe injuries to manhood. In other words, his dick was missing and he wanted it back.

Now, Mr. Mazi, in his denail of the charges, said he and Mrs. Begum had been friends with benefits for years, and that she wanted to run away with him to the city (like they do in the movies) and live happily ever after. But when he refused such romantic nonsense with a sideways flicker of his hand and said that he'd miss his wife and kids too much, and that he only wanted to "stick it in her" every once in a while, just to get his shit out, she grabbed a knife (see below image)

The knife prior to the incident

And then, like a butcher or chef often does to his meat or vegetables, severed his penis from his body as though she were chopping a leafy stem from a pepper.

Knife after the incident

Unbelievable. However, Mrs. Begum refutes all that by saying (and I'm paraphrasing here), "That damn trashy bastard has been trying to stick his little willy in me for months."

"I am a double victim," the man said from his lonely hospital bed. "First, she cut my penis and now police say they are going to arrest me for attempted rape."
The police chief, trying hard to keep a straight face, said they're just waiting for the man to get better. Which will probably TAKE A HELLEVA LONG TIME! :)

On a side note (and this made me laugh), The Huffington Post described the woman, Mrs. Begum, as making a "sensitive cut." LOOOOOOL.


  1. You know they say the first cut is the deepest. Teach that guy to get cocky...

  2. Did that really happen? Have got a newspaper article link? Really want to know more
    p.s. love ur blogs

  3. Koyes, yes it's true! Just click on the Huffington post link above.

  4. lol A sensitive cut???? Yup that is what I would call it lol unless it was mine. That they would call it a sensitive cut is appropriate if you understand their political leanings>>>>


  5. Hahaha! I'm following your blog now Jim. :)

  6. Warning for guys. Don't try to stick and leave a Bengali woman.

  7. LOL. Especially if you go to Monju's place. :)

  8. WOw that incredible!!! Can't even say "enjoyed reading this" but hey glad I came visiting. Following you now : )