Thursday, August 4, 2011

Woman seeks $46,000 a month in child support payments


Meet Supermodel Linda Evangelista, the woman who made a child with French billionaire Francois Henri-Pinault some time ago. Evangelista, who is no longer in a relationship with the billionaire, is seeking $46,000 a month (Yes! That’s $46,000 per month!) in child support to provide for her little poor Augustin, the child she made with Mr. Moneybags.
Now get this: a woman by the name of Natasha Pearl, the president of Aston-Pearl, the New York-based lifestyle-management firm for wealthy families, said that such a sum is basically nothing.
“At first glance,” she said, “$46,000 seems like an extraordinary amount and it is. “But for a fortunate child in New York [like Augustin], it is actually absolutely conceivable that his expenses could approach $50,000 a month.”
Incredibly, this Mr. Moneybags guy is the same guy who fathered a kid with Salma Hayek not too long ago. My God, it makes you wonder who’ll get eggy and get the big-time money next?
Now for the COMMENT OF THE DAY award, which goes to a woman on Yahoo who wishes to remain anonymous:
“This [story] makes me want to vomit. I teach full-time and have a master’s degree; that’s more than I made last YEAR, even with taking on extra teaching and tutoring assignments. I guess I got into the wrong racket… I wonder if I can go back and get an advanced degree in Getting Knocked Up by a Billionaire.”
Yeah, I say. Don’t we all.


  1. It's amazing but true...and i am looking golden future of world's many thanks and best wishes to Linda...and you for shairing this news here...:)

  2. yikes! i need to find a way to have a child with this mr. moneybags. too bad i'm a man.