Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thank you Danny Nappi @dannyintampa

For blogging about my book. Bengali Girls Don't: The true story of my birth during Bangladesh's liberation war, my rebellious days as a teen in the UK during the 80s (back when I wanted to be like Madonna), and my forced marriage at 15. --Picture the Muslim female version of Stand By Me meets an unhappy, loveless version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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  1. I went to Amazon to buy your book but noticed it was only kindle...which I don't have. Will it be available in paperback at some point??

  2. Hi Heather! Got your message on my blog. Right now my books is available on amazon and Barnes and noble as an ebook, which can be read on a smart phone (iphone, blackberry, android, etc.), tablet (ipad), PC, or Nook, or Kindle. The print version is ready to go but isn't on amazon yet. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks. :)