Friday, July 1, 2011

Check out this lucky bitch

Er, I mean, female dog. (See picture below).

The lucky Bitch.
Meet Trouble Helmsley, the white pup above who made out like a Bernie Madoff doppelganger after her owner, Leona Helmsley, died in 2007. Long considered the Paris Hilton of female dogs, Trouble inherited a shitload of mullah from her deceased owner at the reading of the will to the chagrin of her human relatives, Leona's brothers and grandchildren, who were basically left with no inheritance and an invisible slap in the face. Apparently unhappy that their asshole gramma left her hard earned wealth to a spoiled flea bag with no balls and not their freeloading asses, they sued Trouble in a NYC courtroom and won their case in 2008, cheating Trouble out of a cool $10 million. Since then, Trouble has lived more than comfortably in the Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel in sunny Florida, getting her nails and hair done as if she was freakin Beyonce Knowles or Lady Gaga. Unbelievably, Trouble's annual expenses were tabulated at $190,000 (I shit you not), $100,000 of which went for "round the clock security." Which must have been pretty shitty since the Grim Reaper had no trouble at all sneaking up on Trouble and taking her to the afterlife last December. True story. :)

A link to the story is here: Trouble Helmsley, Millionaire Heiress Dog, Dies At 12.


  1. This only goes to show that... every dog has his day.

  2. Rich people never cease to amaze me.

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  3. Yeah, they do some pretty crazy things :)

  4. I wonder who the dog left his inheritance to? Lol!! Following back! :-)