Monday, May 9, 2011

The car bed made me do it

For the past few days I've been looking for a car bed for my son. But instead of going to the store, I went to Craigslist. Yep, that's right. Craigslist. And I found the perfect bed, too. So what did I do? I answered the ad by sending out an email. Below is the exchange, which began on Sunday morning, or Mother's day:

Me, at eleven-something in the morning:

Would you kindly let me know if this includes the mattress and box spring? Please feel free to call me @ 813-xxx-xxxx.

P.S. What condition is it in and how old is it?


Him, about 3 hours later:

Why you don't answer?? Are you scammer? Leave me real number.


Sorry. I didn’t have my cell phone with me, as we went out for Mother’s day. And please do not go around calling people scammer just because they are unable to answer their phones. 

Thank you.


Well, why you email me to tell me to call you and give me number that you can't answer? Tell me when your phone be with you and if you are real person and in need of this car bed, I can bring to you. Sorry if you are not scammer that I think that you are. It looks like you are. I hope that I’m really wrong and you are real person that need a bed for his kids.

Thank you.


You know what? FUCK YOU. You SOB. I don't need your stupid dumb car bed. Come to think of it, it’s probably a piece of shit anyway. Who the fuck are you to go and judge people and call them a scammer just because they are unable to answer their phone, which you only rang twice back to back on Mother’s day when I was out and forgot to take my phone with me? That is why I emailed you immediately when I got back home because you never gave me a number to get in touch with you. SO GO AND SHOVE THAT CAR BED UP YOUR ASS. Obviously it’s a piece of shit. That’s why you’re so damn desperate to get rid of it and going around calling people scammer when they don't respond straightaway.

Good Luck. BITCH.

Stay tuned for the conclusion, if there is one.


  1. wow! way to go luky!!! hahahha

  2. Yeah, I guess my temper flared up!

  3. LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE AND LANGUAGE! Chicks who swear are the tits! I am so happy we connected on twitter! I'm gonna have fun over here, I can tell already! *cheers* GGR

  4. Hi Luky -

    Hahaha! When I was reading the man's 2nd reply back to you I thought, "Oh dude...not sure this is going to end up so well." LOL, and you gave it to him as I suspected you would do. Unbelievable how inconsiderate and judgmental people can be. I hope you found a much better bed for your son. Happy Monday evening to you. :)