Monday, February 6, 2012

The Bucket List

The Bucket List

You remember the movie, The Bucket List, where Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson don't have much time to live, and so they create a "bucket list" -- a list of things they'd like to do/accomplish before they die. You might have your own bucket list lying at home somewhere, tucked safely in your underwear drawer, or maybe even hidden away in one of your favorite books. You might even have things on it like "skydiving out of an airplane naked while eating celery sticks and peanut butter dipped in bleu cheese," or "riding a bike in a tutu in the rain while flipping pancakes and singing three blind mice." Mine says "to pee standing up while not getting my legs wet."

I'm kidding.

Anyway, over in Montana. One guy's list of things to do before he dies included "high speed police chase with cops."

No lie.

Can you believe it? And to top it all off he wasn't even drinking or guilty of any crime. "I just always wanted to do that," the man said, according to the police reports. He also said he was having a bad (probably hair) day and wanted to go for a drive.

I wonder if his list also included "getting felt up by a big biker dude in jail named Bertha"?

L.A. Sherman is the author of Bengali Girls Don't, the true story of her forced marriage and her winning the visa lottery for America.

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