Friday, December 2, 2011

"Here Comes the Bride" feat. L.A. Sherman

Okay. So I thought of a great post today. One where I'd show you all the pictures of me in wedding gowns over the years. Beginning with the ones from when I was fifteen, back when my I had my arranged marriage, to about ten days ago when I did a bridal shoot at Fort Desoto beach, FL. So here goes. Captions will be underneath each photo.

“Oh my God,” I thought. “What’s happening to me? What am I gonna do?”

A picture from my second wedding. Now I could look up and not worry about getting a neck ache, or that some old Bengali lady was gonna tell me to keep my eyes closed.
Look out! I know Karate.

Showing off my trinkets and henna.

Signing my life away. LOL. i.e. the marriage contract.

Me and the new hubby.

The red piece of cloth behind us is covering the telly.

Finally, a little alone time.

More pictures with the guests.

A portrait of love.

Here comes the bride.

Looking for my prince.

Trying to look pretty.

Guess I'll go barefeet.

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About the Author
L.A. Sherman, model and author of Bengali Girls Don't, grew up in Bradford, England in a strict Muslim family where she learned how to sneak out of the house without making the door creak. At the age of fifteen, she was tricked into going to Bangladesh by her parents and forced to marry a man as old as her father. After four years there with a wicked mother-in-law, she won the visa lottery for America and moved to the Big Apple. Now hard at work on her second book, she lives in Tampa, Florida with her family near a pond full of gators and spends her time doing all the things that Bengali girls don’t.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE Your new wedding Pictures!! Amazing and I am so happy to see you found true love! Absolutely Beautiful!!!!

  2. You make a gorgeous bride! Eyes are the most beautiful feature of the face, i dont understand why people (even now) want brides to lower their gaze. Those are one of the many things i really find meaningless in a bengali wedding.

    I cannot wait to read your book! I will be ordering it pretty soon!

  3. Such a difference in your face from one wedding to the other...from pure agony to true happiness - even your eyes are so bright in the second (and if you ask me your REAL marriage.

    The photo shoot is great - The one with your back turned is stunning and should be in a bridal magazine!

  4. You Look gorgeous.... Love to see ya