Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hang on to your family Jewels!

Family Jewels

An eel
 Eeeeewwwwww! Or should I say eel? Yes, that's right. Eel. As in the animal thingy that looks like a green disgusting snake that lives in the water and can bite / shock the shit out of you if it wants to. For no other reason at all than it wants to. And no, it doesn't do it in your bath water. But in yucky sea / ocean / murkey pond scum water. So what, pray tell me, was some guy in China doing taking a bath with a tub full of these nasty guys, then?

Well, apparently, it's called "eel treatment" and it's done at a spa (please remind me never to go to that particular spa ever) for lots of money.

Supposedly, "eel treatment" can make you look 10yrs younger! Amazing! Right? No, not right. Because when the eel thingy decides to go up your urethra like it did to this guy, you have to have surgery using sharp objects to cut it out. Which is NOT fun when there are sharp instruments of destruction (picture a pair of scissors) so close to your . . .

Well, you know, so close to family jewels. Your precious moments. The apples of your eye. Your pride and joy. Whatever you like to call it. And let me tell you something else I know: I don't care if "eel treament" makes me 10 years young again with perfect smooth skin, a tight butt, and no kids, no stretchmarks, and single again with a proposal from giant footballer - - aint no way ever am I gonna let some snake thingy swim next to my pee hole. Are you kidding me??!! Cuz obviously it's gonna go right up there!

Eel Removed from man's Bladder after entering Penis during Beauty Spa

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  1. That is so whole body just became numb after reading about this man...LOL oh god, what was he thinking!